The Etna Astros Astronomy Club

Preferred Vendors

We're often asked about experience with particular vendors or from where to order a particular item. If a member has had an exceptional experience with a particular vendor please let us know so we can get the word out to others. These are the 5 star vendors who give service beyond the call of astronomical duty!
These guys make the best telescope focusers money can buy. Their focusers are  beautiful instruments and the workmanship is unequaled. Their service is always excellent.
When considering a focuser upgrade, look first at a Moonlite. Ask for Ron.

This is one of astronomy's best kept secrets. For about the same, maybe a little less, than you would pay for a glass filter in an aluminum cell; you can have a hand made white light filter with Baader solar film. The Baader film gives better resolution than a glass filter and the hard wood cells are simply works of art.
Looking for the best white light filter for solar viewing? Get in touch with Larry. You will not be disappointed. And if you'd like to see one first, ask Chris. He's got three of them --- soon to have a fourth.

Looking for odd parts or miscellaneous stuff? This where you go. Rings, dovetails, fittings---start your search here. Scope Stuff is great because 1. They sell lots of stuff you need  2. They take PayPal and the checkout is QUICK! Just add to cart and pay.  3. Shipping is included in all the prices---no surprises. 4. They ship fast.


They say it best on their website:
"Hands on Optics is the retail division of ScopesUSA. Founded by a true hobbyist and former astronomy teacher who built his first telescope 40 years ago, Hands on Optics takes the time to match the right scope or binoculars to the user. The right telescopes collect crowds and wrong ones collect dust. We can help you with your selection whether you are a first time buyer, institution or seasoned professional."
The Hands, yes that's their real name, have always provided great service and support to our club members. We've occasionally gotten an "inside" deal too!
This is the place to buy the Proxima 8-24mm Zoom, the best zoom eyepiece bargain you'll ever find. Be sure to tell them the Etna Astros sent you!

See Into Space

Chris is launching a venture for people who want to learn about astronomy. He'll also make sure you get started with the right equipment without spending a lot of money. This program includes the right equipment and training in solar, lunar and a deep space astronomy!
If you want to get started in astronomy, this is the perfect program.