The Etna Astros Astronomy Club

Pinhole Camera Gallery

The first images from the Pinhole Camera Project are in. These were taken by school children. We permitted the participating schools to take their cameras down before the summer solstice date so the kids could see their images before the end of the school year.
College of the Siskiyous, weed, California ZIP 96094 Latitude: 41.1482 N Longitude 122.6623

Chuck Jopson's Results, Etna, CA
Ms. Katie Lynn Branson, Etna, CA (Pulled early---rubber band failed)

Tarja sent this note about this image (below):
Hi Claudio Thorell dos Santos,
It was really very strange to receive the pinhole camera went all the way to California to end up in Oulu, Finland. Thanks to Chuck Jopson who belongs to the Etna Astros astronomy club and to Chris Reich who organized 92 of my pinhole cameras to the members of the Etna Astros Club.
Here you see the result of the camera. It was set in Oulu, at 65*00N, 25!30 E from 20.3.-21.6.2007.