The Etna Astros Astronomy Club

How to Join

The Etna Astros offers two levels of membership. If you are able to attend meetings and star parties, you may join as a full voting member of The Etna Astros. If you live too far from our base to attend our gatherings or are unable to attend for other reasons, you can still be a part of this fun club. We offer a "Membership at Large" level membership. As a Member at large we'll keep you informed of "inside" club news, allow your participation in our discussion group and galleries, and enroll you in the national organization.

 Club Membership

As a member society of the Astronomical League, our members are eligible for many observing awards.  What better way to appreciate the wonders of the night sky!  Young members are also eligible for the national youth awards such as the National Young Astronomer Award and the Horkheimer Service Award.  We welcome young astronomer members under the age of 18 when accompanied by a responsible adult.
The Etna Astros is chartered with the Astronomical League.  We charge an annual membership fee of $15 which includes the cost of League membership.  All members receive the quarterly magazine published by the League. As a member of the national organization, each member is entitled to participate the observing clubs sponsored by the league.
Dues are payable upon joining and renewable in June.  We do not prorate membership dues but new members joining in April-May will not be required to pay dues again in June.  The dues go to in part to the Astronomical League to cover your (required) national membership. The balance covers a part of the operating expenses of the club. Much of the operating expense of the club is covered by member donations.
All our meetings are open to guests but it helps us plan if we know you're coming!  Please contact us if you'd like to attend any of our meetings.
To become a full member of the Etna Astros, bring $15 cash or check to a meeting and we'll complete your registration.
For further information, contact Chuck Jopson

At Large Membership

The Etna Astros offers an "At Large" membership. Many people who would like to be a part of our club  live too far away to attend meetings and star parties. Others, for various reasons are just not able to get together during our scheduled times. For you, The Etna Astros offers a Member at Large status.  You'll enjoy all the benefits of Astros membership for only $10 payable upon joining and renewable each June---we do not pro-rate dues.

At Large Membership Benefits 

  • You may attend any Etna Astros event (except officer elections)
  • You are eligible for all Etna Astros observing awards and certificate programs
  • You will receive support and advice from other club members
  • You will be a member in the national organization and entitled to all benefits of the Astronomical League
  • You will receive the Astronomical League's quarterly magazine (included!!!!)
  • You will be authorized participate in the Etna Astros Exchange
  • You will receive email updates and inside information shared by club members only
At Large membership is only $10! To join please contact: Chuck Jopson