The Etna Astros Astronomy Club

The Etna Astros Deep Space Gallery

This is where you'll find deep space images taken by club members.  In all of astronomy, this is probably the most challenging accomplishment.
Raw image of Orion submitted by Chuck Jopson. This is a remarkable 1 minute, unstacked, unretouched image taken with a Canon XTi riding onboard a C-8 mounted to a CG-5 mount! Can you see the horsehead?
This is the same image from Chuck after a little processing in PaintShop Pro 9.1.  Great image Chuck!

(above) Chuck Jopson provides this beautiful view of Andromeda! Beautiful image Chuck. Canon XTi used riding his C-8 on a GP mount.
M33 captured by our own Chuck Jopson. Very nicely done!  M33 is a very small target but Chuck has managed to capture amazing detail in the spiral arms. (Left)
Compare this beautiful shot of Orion with Chuck's first attempt (top image) and you'll how quickly Chuck has mastered the "black art" of astro photography.  Click to see the full size image.  This is a "must see"!
The Pleides---I count more than 7 sisters! (Chuck Jopson)
Canon XTi riding a C-8 on GP EQ mount.
The Double Cluster (January 07)  Credit Chuck Jopson for this great shot.
These images went sent in from our friend in Iran, Amir Hossein Abolfath. Amir uses a William Optics 110mm APO and a Canon EOS 30D. Each is roughly a 40 minute exposure.